Sedalia Public Library Governance

Sedalia Public Library is a municipal library serving the citizens of Sedalia. The library is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees appointed to 3-year terms by the Sedalia Mayor and City Council.

Current Board of Trustees:
Billie Dunn, President (Current term ending June 30, 2025)

Jackie Marshall, Vice-President (Current term ending June 30, 2023)

Linda Sundy-Secretary/Treasurer (Current term ending June 30, 2025)

Mitch Callis (Current term ending June 30, 2023)

Alice Clopton (Current term ending June 30, 2023)

Byron Matson (Current term ending June 30, 2024)

Christopher Paszkiewicz (Current term ending June 30, 2024)

Elisabeth Tessone (Current term ending June 30, 2025)

Reva Woodward (Current term ending June 30, 2024)


Do you have a passion for the library and our community?  Please click the link for more information and to apply to serve on our Board of Trustees.

Board Member Application

Mission Statement

Sedalia Public Library will be a reliable community resource and a center of intellectual freedom serving primarily the residents of the Sedalia Public Library District and secondarily the residents of the Pettis County area by acquiring, organizing and disseminating books, non-print materials and services including electronic access that help educate, enrich, entertain and inform.

In fulfilling this mission the Library will focus on:

  1. Popular Materials Center
  2. Pre-schooler door to learning
  3. Formal education support center


Sedalia Public LibraryFounded in 1895, Sedalia Public Library was first located in the basement of the Pettis County Courthouse. In the Fall of 1899, the Sedalia Public Library Board of Trustees was notified that Sedalia had been awarded a $50,000 Carnegie Grant to build a new library, which was the first to be awarded by Andrew Carnegie in the State of Missouri. The current library building was dedicated in 1901 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The historic Sedalia Public Library building is in the Greek Revival style of architecture constructed of ornate white terra cotta stone with a limestone foundation. Four massive limestone columns support the front porch at the entrance to the library. The interior features the original golden oak woodwork throughout the building, marble floors in the main lobby, 5 ornate fireplaces, glass floors in the stack areas, antique cantilever shelving, a skylight, and a collection of antique furniture and paintings. As visitors enter Sedalia Public Library, they journey back in time to the turn of the century.

Library Policies

Computer Use Guidelines

Sedalia Public Library provides free public access to computers with the Internet. This service is offered to patrons of Sedalia Public Library as a way of enhancing the library’s existing collections with computer resources and information. In order to help you use these computer resources for the purposes for which they were intended the library has established guidelines to make more efficient use of the computers. Failure to follow these Computer Guidelines will result in loss of computer privileges.

II. Qualifications

All Internet computer users are required to have a valid Sedalia Public Library card in good standing or if not a Sedalia Public Library patron they may check out a computer as a Guest User for a fee of $1.00 (One Dollar) for one hour only. Internet users under the age of 18 years must have written permission from a parent/guardian on file at the library. Internet computers in the Children’s Dept. are reserved for children under the age of 18.

Guest Internet Usage
Internet users without a Sedalia Public Library card may register to use the Internet computers as a Guest User. The Guest User MUST present a valid photo ID with current information and pay a Guest User Fee of $1.00 (One Dollar). Guest Users are limited to a one (1) hour session per day.

III. Time of Use

Use of all computers is a first-come, first-served basis. Sedalia Public Library patrons are limited to a ONE HOUR session for reference, research, or educational use on the Internet computers. At the end of the ONE HOUR session if no one is waiting, then Sedalia Public Library patrons may extend Internet computer use to an additional hour for a total of TWO HOURS PER DAY. GUEST USERS are limited to ONE HOUR PER DAY.

IV. Software/Computer Equipment

Only computer equipment and software owned and previously installed by Sedalia Public Library may be used on library computers. ADDING, DELETING, OR MODIFYING installing hardware or software is not permitted. No personal files will be saved on the hard drive. Doing so will result in the LOSS OF COMPUTER PRIVILEGES.

It is illegal to copy software programs protected by copyright laws. Violations will result in LOSS OF COMPUTER PRIVILEGES.

Because many users with varying degrees of skills use the computers, it is inevitable that there will be some equipment or software failure. The library is not responsible for any damage or loss of data arising from the use of equipment, programs, or other library materials. Intentionally damaging software or equipment will result in LOSS OF COMPUTER PRIVLEGES and may lead to prosecution.

V. Printing/Downloading

Printing/Downloading must not start within 30 minutes of closing. Computers automatically shut down 15 minutes before closing.

Patron is responsible for all copies printed or attempted, whether user accepts them or not. Failure to pay for all copies will result in LOSS OF COMPUTER PRIVILEGES.

Patrons may bring a personal flash drive to download information.

A. Policy updated by Board of Trustees  January 9, 2006
Sedalia Public Library provides access to the Internet through MOREnet (Missouri Research and Education Network) an electronic information network serving public libraries, educational institutions, and governmental agencies. As a member of MOREnet, the library must conform to its Use Policy.

Acceptable Use:
All Internet use shall be for research, education, local, state or governmental affairs, economic development, or public service.

Unacceptable Use:
It is not acceptable to use the Internet for purposes that violate any Federal or state law. It is not acceptable to use it in a manner that is harmful or harassing to others. Any use that disrupts normal network use and service is prohibited. This would include such things as introducing computer viruses, violation of personal privacy, and the unauthorized access to protected and private network resources. It is not acceptable to use MOREnet for commercial solicitation of business.

Ultimate responsibility for the proper use or misuse of the Internet lies with each individual user. Patents and/or guardians may be held accountable for inappropriate or illegal use by their child or children. Because the library has a limited number of computers for use by a potential large number of individuals needing to use them, access may be limited to a specified amount of time per day. Should limitations of time be necessary, it will be posted.

Because of the many individuals, organizations, businesses, etc. which provide information on the Internet, Sedalia Public Library cannot, and does not, warrantee that such information is true and valid, nor shall it be liable for any direct or indirect, incidental, or consequential damages (including lost data, information, or profits) sustained in the use of inability to use the system.

The library will make every effort to keep the system operating; however, because so many individuals with differing degrees of computer competency use the equipment, there will be times when the system and/or equipment is down. The library assumes no responsibility for lost information, time, or money by the user. Rules and regulations of system usage may be changed from time to time by the library and/or the network and will be posted by the library. Users of the system are subject to these changed rules and regulations. (Originally adopted by the Board of Trustees August 26, 1996)