Summer Reading Club is open to all youth from preschool to 12th grade who have a library card.  Check out and read books, fill out log sheets and return them to receive incentives throughout the program.  Each log sheet you return allows you to put a ticket into the GRAND PRIZE drawing.  This year you will get to pick which prize drawing your tickets will go into: All About Animals; Movie Night; Gamers; Into Nature.

The first 90 students who sign up for the Summer Reading Club this year will receive a prize just for signing up!  Return your completed first reading log and you will get to pick a paperback book to keep AND receive a Pizza Hut coupon.

Reading log goals:

Nonreaders (Prek-K) 10 easy picture books read to them

Beginning (1st-3rd) read 10 easy picture books-chapter books count as 2 books

Chapter(3rd-6th) 300 pages per log, minimum book size 60 pages/may read 1 graphic novel per log for 1/2 page count      (ex-130 page book=65 pages)

Youth(7th-12th) 500 pages per log, minimum book size 100 pages

Adapted reading logs are available for students with reading disabilities.  Please talk to the Children’s Librarian.

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