Stacey Lee has done it again!  Another fantastic Historical Fiction that draws you in and makes you think about what life may have been like!  This time I read “Luck of the Titanic” which came out over the summer.

Valora Luck was supposed to be stepping onto the Titanic with her employer, Amberly Sloane.  But due to Mrs. Sloane’s untimely death, she finds herself turned away because of her Chinese heritage (look up the Chinese Exclusion Act).  Determined to get on that ship and find her twin brother Jamie, who is being transferred to Cuba with 7 other Chinese men to shovel coal in the boiler room of a new ship, she hitches a ride with some large cargo being loaded.  During her trip on the Titanic she will meet new friends and experience the racial bias of that time.  Will she survive the sinking?  Well, you will just have to read the book!

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