Just in time for Halloween I finished reading the 2020-21 Truman award nominee book “Nightbooks” by J. A. White. If you are looking for a creepy read, this book should hit the spot.

Alex loves to write creepy, scary stories but one night he decides to take his nightbooks to the basement and burn them. When the elevator stops on the wrong floor he is drawn into apartment 4E by the magic of Natacha, the witch who lives there. Trapped, he is forced to tell a new scary story each night to keep the apartment and Natacha satisfied. Slowly he gets to know the apartments other occupants, Yasmin, the very grumpy girl in charge of Natachas plants and mixing her potions, and Lenore, Natachas cat who is in charge of keeping an eye on the children. Will he be able to continue to placate the house and Natacha? Can he figure out how to escape the witch or is something even more evil happening? And why did he want to destroy his nightbooks to begin with!?

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