Victoria Aveyard released a new series over the summer and I just finished the first book “Realm Breaker”.   If you are a fan of “Red Queen” you will love this book also! At 568 pages long it is just short of twice as long.  The book is slow starting as Aveyard introduces her cast of characters but once it gets going…

Corayne an-Amaret is the daughter of a pirate.  One of the best pirates on the ocean.  But she is always left at home while her mother travels the world.  Until the blood she shares with her long gone father has her being tracked down by an assassin who was hired by an immortal.  The immortal is also looking for a squire who is hiding an ancient sword that belonged to Corayne’s father.  Add in an ancient sorceress who more often than not speaks in rhyme, a forger with a hidden past, and a bounty hunter set on getting her reward.  Oh, I think you get it…lots of arguing, stubbornness, and double-crossing!  This group of seven is pitted against a group that want to see their world laid to ashes by an evil army for revenge.

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