I have started reading some of the Missouri Award Nominee books for 2021-22.  Though this one is a Mark Twain, some of you teens might enjoy it, “The Memory Keeper” by Jennifer Camiccia.

Lulu Rose Carter is an almost 13-year-old who has highly superior autobiographical memory or HSAM.  This means she can remember and replay almost any day in her life, including how she was feeling at the time.  This includes the day her sister died of SIDS and her parents suddenly withdrew into their own lives to deal with the pain and loss.  Gram came to live with them and take care of Lulu and her little brother, Clay.  But now Lulu’s Gram is starting to have memory problems.  Lulu has studied all about the brain in order to learn how to deal with her HSAM and thinks that some hidden trauma in Gram’s past might be causing the memory loss.  With the help of her friends Olivia and Max, she digs into Gram’s past hoping to find the trauma and help her heal.

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